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Girl"s father accused of storming into classroom to attack alleged bully

The stabbing death of a third grade boy by a father who said the boy had bullied his daughter shocked the public over the weekend. It also renewed concerns that not enough is being done to contain school bullying.

The Shangrao police in Jiangxi province are looking into accusations that a 41-year-old man stabbed his daughter"s primary school classmate following a dispute between the two students, a statement by local authorities said on Saturday.

The statement, released by the government of the city"s Xinzhou district, said the suspect, who was identified only as Wang, confessed and was detained. The head of Shangrao No 5 Primary School, where the killing took place, has been suspended from work.

The statement came a day after Wang was held on the school"s campus, shortly after the stabbing early on Friday.

According to local media, Wang stormed into the classroom and stabbed the 10-year-old boy, surnamed Liu. The boy was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he died despite efforts to save him.

Local authorities declined to provide details on Wang"s motives, saying an investigation is ongoing. But screenshots of text messages circulating online claimed that Wang stabbed the boy multiple times in anger for bullying his daughter, surnamed He.

The screenshots said Wang had complained in a group chat to parents and teachers about He"s experience in school, claiming he and his wife, also surnamed He, had attempted to persuade the boy to stop what they said was abuse of their daughter, but failed to have any effect.

Wang also said he and his wife had quit their jobs to take care of their daughter, and he threatened to confront the boy after school, according to screenshots.

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